Dying alone

Nice topic, hey?

I caught myself thinking last night “I don’t want to die alone”.  But then immediately I said to myself, hang on, you can’t just think something like that.  My friend X will demand an explanation!

So couple of arguments suggested themselves in my defense.

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Meeting 1

You came into my life like an ocean wave
Slow, distant,
sparkling in the sun
then faster, and suddenly
bang! breaking in my face
taking my breath away
shocking me awake
and afterwards
a great gulp of crisp, fresh, lifegiving air
and you, the wave, in every pore of my skin

Whole ass

I Only Want Forever Relationships

Whole ass.
That’s part of my brain now.
I’m a whole ass kind of person.
I love it.
My goal in life now is to be able to say to someone “I whole assedly want you”.
It’s feeding them three lines:

“No way asshole”
“I want your whole ass”

Which will they choose?

Every love is forever. Loving changes us. The shadow it casts is long, long, long. Is it a dark and cold shadow, is it a warm and welcoming darkness, lights out in a cozy bedroom with someone who whole-assedly wants you back?  Either way, forever, forever, we are changed and the echoes never stop, whether anyone is there to hear them or not.