Leaving 21

Waiting for there to be more
when every change is only
towards less.


Leaving 20

You stopped talking to me
really talking
many months ago
and I’ve been dying inside
ever since.

Meeting 12

Don’t give up.
Don’t surrender to fear.
Surrender to hope,
and come to me by night.
I will hold you lightly;
let you go whenever
you need me to;
keep a place for you in my heart;
and never abandon you.

Becoming 13

It feels like the really
big things I will do
with my life are all
of the heart.
I won’t lead
a country or found
a company or
play a concerto.
I will only love
So when
I reflect that
I have loved
has left me:
should I find another
Or just add
to my portfolio?

Knowing 17

I wonder if I’d know
if your heart stopped beating.
Would the sky turn to brass
all sound cease?
Could I take the next breath?
Could I give it to you instead?
Your skin is
layered under mine.
Surely you can’t shed yours
unless I go first?