Meeting 12

Don’t give up.
Don’t surrender to fear.
Surrender to hope,
and come to me by night.
I will hold you lightly;
let you go whenever
you need me to;
keep a place for you in my heart;
and never abandon you.

Becoming 13

It feels like the really
big things I will do
with my life are all
of the heart.
I won’t lead
a country or found
a company or
play a concerto.
I will only love
So when
I reflect that
I have loved
has left me:
should I find another
Or just add
to my portfolio?

Knowing 17

I wonder if I’d know
if your heart stopped beating.
Would the sky turn to brass
all sound cease?
Could I take the next breath?
Could I give it to you instead?
Your skin is
layered under mine.
Surely you can’t shed yours
unless I go first?