I fall through you
we barely pause
we barely slow
each other in
our trajectories.
That instant we
are mingled shocks
time to stillness;
those gossamer
walls, the drifting
whisps of your being,
turn out to be
massive, every
speck a neutron
star; and as you
recede I am
light streaming
through me
through a
million pinholes,
love and memory
spilling in my
wake. I’m coming
this collection
of my fragments
keeping company
for a while.


I’m done

“You know what? I’m done. I’m done with anyone who cant make up to me, or make time for me, I don’t deserve that, I deserve people who care, who check up on me, no, who want to check up on me, people who can’t let me stay mad at them, who’d always wanna make sure I’m happy, loving myself and living my life, who support me and lift my standards so high because they really wanna make me feel all loved and heard, with everything in them, they’d always inspire me to be better, to do better, to love myself and to see beauty in it, and I’m unimaginably grateful i can actually say i have this kind of people in my life and i swear i’ll hold on to them as tight as I possibly can because honestly, i would never want to let anyone like that go”

highlypoetic via wnq-writers

I don’t have those people.  But you do.  And I’m not done.