A blog about the pertingent case in life.

Traditionally, Western philosophy is in love with the monad, the standalone category, its borders, and what defines it.  But we define things by what they are not, so we consider the dyad, Self vs Other.

The idea of dyad begins to approach but stops short of acknowledging the most important thing, the third member of the triad.  That is, the relationship between self and other, the connection, the blurring at the boundaries, and the joining.  From the spinor spanner to attachment theory to public planning, our most transformative insights arise from including the primacy of relationship in our thinking.   And our most injurious misconceptions arise from remaining fixated on isolated categories.

This blog is about the sea in which we swim, the star dust of which we’re made, the air we all breathe and rebreathe, everyone one of us and the plants joined through respiration.  The brain waves and body rhythms that we synchronize without knowing it, the psychoses we express for each other, the 95% of our sensory input that never makes it as far as consciousness, transference and countertransference, patterning and imprinting and the shared construction of meaning.

This blog is about touch, and about love.